Silon Technologies colorants (Water based,Alkyd based and multi silon) offer a vast selection of colors for the architectural market. Technical specifications within the paint industry are increasingly compounded by ever-changing environmental requirements. Stricter regulations apply to all products in the colorant and paint industry. At the same time, the amount and variety of architectural products such as alkyd and latex for interior and exterior use continue to grow.

Silon understands that paint manufacturers are seeking economical and accurate in plant tinting solutions to provide a wide color variety for ready mix lines. A well designed in-plant system should yield a net gain in the overall manufacturing process. Whatever the required volume, the color production process needs to be fast and efficient, ensuring quick delivery times and customer satisfaction.

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Waterbased inks have been used for flexographic printing of paper and paperboard since the invention of the process. Printing on these substrates with water was readily successful because of the absorbent nature of the paper fibers. The inks and solvents (water included) are partially absorbed into the substrate, and partially vaporized into the surrounding air.

Commercial Waterbased Flexographic inks Dilon as the biggest producer in Iran, began in 2012 with the production of flexographic inks for printing corrugated cardboard is made. Extensive knowledge of the company, products offered shoots with a variety of devices with different speed easily and with excellent quality, compatible.

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Barek Paints, established in the year 1980, is quickly emerging as the leader in Paints industry in Paints industry in Iran. We are pushing into the new grounds, with Decorative Paints & industrial Paints Range already established in the Maket.Our performance is anchored today in a variety of decorative and industrial paints which continue to gain an increasing share of the highly competitive Iranian market. Our production team is manned by experienced qualified chemists and engineers. Our Emphasis is on consistent good quality. We do R & D basic research in paints ourselves. We have our own "state of the art" testing equipments, computers and accelerated weathering equipment for developing, standardizing and quality control of products. All batches of finished products are individually tested and passed by the in-house paints application laboratory before release.

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TaraChem Industrial Group with an over a quarter century of practical and scientific experience applying sophisticated and experienced experts in producing different sorts of pigment pastes for paint, plastic, Textile, composite, and other related industries has been founded in 2001.
Taking advantage of specialists persistent attempt in paint and polymer industries, using the latest findings of the world, enjoying R&D center and quality control in production unit, this company is honored to serve. Some characteristics of this company are as follows:
Using special equipment and color resemblance software, measuring tint strength, spectrophotometer equipment with and accuracy coefficient of 0.1, evaluating light and atmospheric resistance, applying well-equipped facilities of laboratory.

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RAI (Rangineh Azmoon Institute) with more than 30 years of experience in the field of paint, resins, adhesives and their derivatives, as well as artifacts of gold, to focus the organization's equipment and its capabilities.

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STG raw material QC laboratory provides paint, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide Pigments and etc. corrosion and material testing services including paint failure investigations, compositional analysis, accelerated weathering, cyclic corrosion testing, abrasive performance, and other physical testing. Conducted by scientists and chemists, these comprehensive services provide clients with independent, accurate analyses of coating problems, and advance the industry’s understanding of the performance characteristics of protective coatings and abrasive media.

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